Matthew R. Landers

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  • Position: LHP (6′ 210 lbs)
  • Throws: L     
  • Bats: Switch
  • GPA: 3.28/4.0     
  • Fastball: 89    
  • Changeup: 79    
  • Curveball: 68
  • Infield Velocity: 84
  • Bat Speed: 100
  • 60 Time (Hand): 7.8
  • AVG: .363
  • OPS: .848
  • IP: 307
  • ERA: 1.71

Why Baseball Is Life

In the movie The Sandlot there is heard the line “Baseball is Life.” For me, truer words were never spoken. I have been playing baseball for virtually all of my life, and I share in the rare joy of living in a baseball family where changing seasons are marked by this sport which is not simply an activity, but a way of life itself:  Spring brings the promise of warm weather and an entire new season full of potential and achievement. Summer brings tournaments, showcases and games in fabled places like Perfect Game Park in Lakepoint, Georgia and Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York. Fall brings crisp days, the start of a new school year and wood bat Fall Ball. Winter brings time for reflection, setting new goals and focused off-season development.

Baseball and left-handed pitching have been part of my family’s heritage for several generations, starting with my grandfather who was a southpaw pitcher for Gettysburg College in the 1950s. Later, my uncle pitched for Framingham State College in the 1980s. Today, I am following their footsteps on the mound as a left-handed pitcher while attending a top Division II college fits both my scholastic and athletic ability.

Over the years, baseball has taught me many important lessons including the meaning of commitment, the need to put the team before oneself, how to lead by example and the importance of giving everything you have in striving to achieve both personal and common goals. It has taught me to always seek self-improvement and learn new skills and information. It has also opened doors for me through the rare opportunity to be an ambassador of American baseball while traveling abroad with a select team to play in The Netherlands during the 2013 Summer season.

My Future Goals

My years of training for strength and conditioning related to my sport have given me the desire to pursue pre-med studies in college. My academic goal is to prepare for a successful career combining Health Science and Business Administration. At the same time, my athletic goal is to continue my development and performance as a competitive college-level pitcher. I am inspired by the example of Dr. Dorothy “Dot” Richardson who had an amazing college softball career before continuing into orthopedic medicine and also winning the Gold Medal with Team USA during the 1996 Olympic Games.

Giving Back To Others

While striving to be a good student and athlete, I also aspire to be a good citizen who gives back to others. In particular, my community work as a volunteer Player Buddy with the Miracle League of Massachusetts has enabled me to help those with disabilities enjoy the fun and excitement of achieving success on the ball field. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone with physical challenges smile after they hit the ball and cross home plate with a crowd cheering them on. In addition, I have greatly enjoyed mentoring young players as a patched umpire with the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” -Satchel Paige


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Home: 978-486-8348
Cell: 978-494-9375

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